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you wasted life

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Saturday, November 20th, 2004
12:16 pm - i was as helpless as a chesspiece
Haven't written in this old livejournal for a while...hmm. Nothing really had been happening, Chris and I just had our little 'one month anniversary' thing Thursday, I didn't get a phone call. I haven't talked to him since Tuesday..which makes me sad. But, thats the things you should expect to feel going into a 'relationship'. So it's okay, things will be fine sooner or later and I'll be happy again. Anyhow, yesterday I went shopping with Lauren, Borys and Pat, hanging out like the old times. It was alright I guess, the mall was lame. I bought earrings and a few headbands. Today's Brianna's birthday..wee! Family is coming over later.. ughhh.. people in my family are psycho. My Aunt Susie..sent my cousin Alyssa a picture of her mom (my aunt Michelle) when she was like..18 and had crazy big hair..and my Aunt Michelle said Sue did it just to make her look stupid.. now they're all arguing.. my grandparents are actually taking sides.. and my Mom and Dad could careless, cause they're all CRAZY. Hah, so Thanksgiving at our house.. NONE OF THEM are invited.. to avoid physical arguments..ha. It's alright, Amy and Christine are coming in!! They're coming in I believe the day before Thanksgiving. Whoot! I miss my old neighbors. Hah..hmm..anyways. School is going well, I don't really enjoy it though. I thought eight grade year would be the best of them all, but without all our other friends (who are now freshman) it's kind of.. lame. I mean, the kids are so immature. Can't they ever grow-up? I mean I'm not saying let go of all your youth but have at least some common sense of how a 13 year old should be acting by now. Hmm.I'm gonna have nothing to do for New Years, besides with the family. I mean, it's nice with them..but if anything else comes up, anyone wanna include me in their New Years Eve plans.. eh? wink wink.. Volleyball is finally over! After a season of me working my butt off, not getting much playing time at the beginning of the season, or starting, being lead to think I won't be playing much. So therefore, I do bad in the games, because I already thought they only put me in when we were ahead by a whole lot, but poo. I'd haev to say this season sucked. Last year was way better, even if we weren't even that good, i actually played then. This year, yeah..we were good.. but I didn't get to play much. SO it sucked for me, regardless of how much everyone else enjoyed it. Hopefully basketball season will be good, I'll be use to being a sub, though. I know I'm not an awesome basketball player, and I can live with that no problems. But volleyball, I love volleyball, well..except come games that is. I'm also going out for our soccer team! Especially if MR. SUMINSKI is the coach. OH MY GOD you wouldn't believe your eyes.. hehe he's a cute teacher! I think I've written enough :)

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Saturday, October 23rd, 2004
9:01 pm - I know I'm not your favorite record
Wow, lots have been going on.

Volleyball isn't at all fun as I thought it would be. Oh well, no use is giving it up now. Yesterday Lauren & Greg came over. Along with beautiful Chris. It was a lot of fun, my mom fed them dinner.. and desserts.. oh man I love Chris. Everyone says 'love' is such a big word, I'm not IN LOVE with Chris, but I love him. They also say that you're only in love once and how nobody knows what love really is. Well, let me be..mmkay? Hah, yes anyways we had political debates in science. I supported Bush, and rocked that classroom so hard. I love my mom, she gives me so much information from her news talk radio, seeing as the TV media seems like they're only supporting Kerry, and give not much information besides what they think you should see. DO NOT see the movie Fahrenheit 9/11.. it's just so.. stretched and.. blah. Michael Moore is a bad man. Please just don't get me started with politics. Although I'm the one who just brought it up.. ahh nevermind. Today I saw the movies "Saved". Very good.. if some people are relaly that crazy about Jesus, then.. wow. I'm bored, and leaving you all now to go talk to Chris. Joy!


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Sunday, October 10th, 2004
12:37 pm
haven't updated in a while..

evas party was yesterday = just awesome.

then the oktober fest was fun, our little posse consisted of Lauren, Anna, Greg, Joe and myself. Yeah greg and joe are cool new people I have met.

Theres also this kid Chris I talk to online who was at her party, and he's a obese smelly mute kid with std's. haa.. yeah its cool.

today i dont know i might hangout with lauren, yey. i want to dye my hair a dark brown, my mom wont let me dye it burgundy again, because she didnt like it. poo on that. i also need some kind of new hairstyle. i dont know, or should i keep this layered long straight hair.. hmm

yeah anyways Joe baka had his last day of school friday :( oh man, im going to miss him so much, hes moving to like Aurora and thats sad..he was so cool and funny it makes me depressed :( and i didnt get to say bye. darn i'll have go ask someone for his cell to wish him luck

well i need a belt. and some shoes because the ones i have make my feet hurt. go to hell, etnies.

oooh they opened the little restaurant next to al & joes! hooray i'll have to go eat there sometime.

<3 peace

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Monday, September 27th, 2004
4:27 pm - like art could save a wretch like me
school is decent.

volleyball tryouts on wednesday, hooray.

october 7th- Eva's birthday
october 8th- Oktober fest \ Angela's birthday
october 9th- Eva's party

& tomorrow is Shmouni's birthday. And Friday was Bart's.

Yes, this weekend I am being forced by my mother to join the family in Amboy to go camping with Becky's family, and on their lot. It's the Jellystone's (name of camping resort) Halloween weekend, and it makes me mad, this weekend was Shmouni's birthday party..& I loath going up there.. gurr.. and guess who is stuck to pass out candy?

Oh well.. it will be the last time we go up there until next summer *releived* It's not SO bad I just don't have any friends up there that WON'T ditch me.. and it gets really boring after you use to having your own camping lot up their for more than half of your life..

I have lucky charms in my braces.. I'm off to go scrub them now

current mood: geeky

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Wednesday, September 15th, 2004
10:36 am
School is becoming not so much of a great time. I mean, it's fun & such but sometimes I just wish I could go home and sleep. That's something that I'm talented at. SLEEP! I have been lacking it lately for reason I don't know. Odd sleeping patterns of waking up every 45 minutes or so with massive headaches, what is wrong with me? Hah, I don't know but, mentally I'm sure there's a long list. Well, Monday I went to a softball game, bought a hair straightener, and a slurpee. It was a good day. Then Angela drove with me to Target and we bought hairspray & Rolos candy. Today was a half day. I went to McDonald's with some people to eat, and it was good. Scott & Tim spray Megan & I with water guns, it wasn't so enjoyable, but it was all good fun. I was going to go to Scott's house with Meg & Tim, but those night headaches paid an early visit and made me feel sick, so I just continued walking in the direction of home. Angela came over for a while today and played "Swingball" a tetherball/tennis game. Its gnarly. Hmm..tomorrow I am going to the Boys Softball game. And purchasing a slurpee. What fun ^_^. Blah..I need some plans this weekend. I will surely be lonly. Anna & Lauren have things planned with Beatrice boys, heh. So yeah out of that picture. Saturday Anna's got Polish School & Megan has Soccer Practice. Lauren will most likely hangout with John, ugh. I will most likely spend my weekend either 1)at home. 2)with borys. 3)i'll hangout with anna late saturday/sunday 4)maybe go to Megans game @ West, if I can make it.

hey that's more options than i thought i'd have :D.


current mood: indescribable

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Sunday, September 12th, 2004
8:56 am - boys like you try to hard to look not quite as desperate
lets see, yesterday I hung out with Borys & Pat the whole day, it was very fun. Yeah I dont need to go into details cause I'm lazy. But today Jordan, Eva and Kim came to my house. Then we hungout at North Park & my house. It was nice meeting Kim. Yes, it was fun. Then for a little bit me and Jordan hung out. We went to walgreens and bought a camera. We tried to look for this one garage sale but it was too far and I think we went the wrong way.

Schiller Blvd??

Anywhore, we came back to my house, and I gave him a pair of girl pants :) heh, cause you know he's cool like that. Hmm..I have yet to do Math homework. gurr. And now Lauren is mad at me for not supporting her and John as a couple. oh well, because I dont. I'm not even going to make a big deal about it, cause I know it will pass soon enough and things will be fine, they always are.

current mood: sad

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Friday, September 10th, 2004
10:52 am
blah! hehhhh past couple days have been cool..hmm several softball games, i hungout with meg the other day, it was lots of fun :D i love her so much..hehe. and her dad. cause he calls me JB. anywho, umm we had picture day hopefully mine came out good. but i know,once again it probably wont. thats ok, whats new? lol hm..school is fun, and im learning things, milousz is the bomb digity fo shizzle. funniest kid i know, just by looking at him. in gym today we practice football. it was enjoyable. :D. we had an assembly also, as gay as this may sound the princapal made the school do the "wave" it was fun :D and then we all did it in slowmo. that was way cool. after school i hungout with Borys, Pat, Kyle, Scott, John, Lauren, Megan, Anna & Eva. it was fun we went to north park and played tag...hahaha. got ice cream from the icecream man, and all came back to my house and played dressup and house :D it was lots of fun being and acting retarded. i was happy cause it was like the first actual time i hungout with eva! ha shes awesome. hmm..then a few people left and the night ended from the movie Cat in the Hat. hilarious..haa now i am texting borys a lot. eek..just cant wait till my phonebill arrives. oh well, till next time..lata biotchs

current mood: lazy

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Sunday, September 5th, 2004
11:41 am - shakin' like a dog shitting razorblades..
Anna's party was off the heezy fo cheesy. It was fun. I enjoyed dancing in her room with everyone. We all boogied to some tunes like "Fill me up Buttercup" .. and just some jump around songs, poppy like punk. Some Yellowcard & Sugarcult. Then we "got low" to rap! Haa..it was madness. Patrick and Borys started a mosh thing, and I got shoved a lot and knocked down Anna's computer chair, almost her entire computer..ha. Hmm..people slowly left her house and I wrestled Megan and Anna in the grass. It hurt because Megan would literally tackle me from behind without me knowing..haha but it was cool. We walked pass cassie, mike & andy. i felt stupid because I looked like a wet dog..hehe. I found out they were gonna come back to Anna' but Andy said there was something "going on" between me and him. Ahh well you know its his fault, and I wasnt really upset and wouldn't have minded. I would have enjoyed their company. :) Hmm anywho a wisdom tooth is growin' in and it hurts like a ^*(&^$^%(*&&^ its not even cool it hurts to swalloe and chew. today i was a bum. i sat online and went outside to walk to Angela's house and get a cd she burnt me, thank you Angela. Also for putting a crazy asian song on it..haha. Anyways I dunno what I'm doing tomorrow. Most likely nothing :(. bah humbug. well i have to do homework, maybe ill do it tonite. cause now lincoln actually gives detentions for late work =O.

current mood: crazy

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Friday, September 3rd, 2004
4:27 am - we'll make it through, cause you love me and i love you
Hmm..heh, I take back what I said. School is surprisingly going quite well. I really like the assignment we got in Humanities. We're designing a country w/ its major highways, waterways, and features. We're also creating stamps (anna&i are doing it for australia). Um..ths thing with timezones..and everyone in the classes cultures..bleh bleh but its fun. Umm..today we had a fire drill while Iw as in the media center, it scared me (>.<) And Brenda had to let out an unnessicary scream..heh. I SAW LAUREN!! She picked us up from school and it was nice. I was gonna go hangout with Eva but I wouldnt have a ride home from "downtown" Franklin Park...or I like to call it seeing as my street is half franklin half schiller, me being stuck on the franklin side. Yeah so I mgiht hangout with Lauren and Borys but I dunno. Tomorrows anna's birthday party..that shall be fun! Im sleeping over that will also be fun. Hmm..bleh I dont want Joe to move!!!!

current mood: crazy

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Tuesday, August 31st, 2004
7:43 am - made a movie of my life.. starring you.
school has started, its made me angry >:O. I dont like how the classes are in little pods. Lincoln sucks. Gym & Lunch are my favorite classes. <333 Anways today was an ok day i saw lauren kyle and borys after school. I was happy to know the guys were enjoying Leyden and Lauren at Beatrice. I WANNA GO. to leyden that is..just one more year :'[. anyways after catching up on things with them i walked the long walk home and sat on my rump :] umm anna's birthday party is saturday it will be fun, my homies will all be there. pat, andy, borys and dan's band might play but if they dont it will still be cool. umm yeah school pictures are soon..ahh. hopefully this year ill look decent. LMAO the past two years i must have taken the WORST pictures ever. and everyone whos seen them knows what im talking about! im renewin my libray card and looking for a good novel. any suggestions? till next time..

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Monday, August 30th, 2004
5:42 am - keep on making the same mistake, keep on aching the same heartbreak.
yesterday was the last day of this shitty summer. well the summer itself wasnt shitty, just the weather >:O. I went to Borys' house with Meg, Anna, Lauren, Joe, Kyle & Pat. It was fun we justh ungout in Borys' basement .. people gave me massages I'm not sure who..like 4 people lol. It was nice :]. Umm we went to wendy's and it was mm mm good. Back to Borys' house. Lauren, Megan and Joe had left. The rest of us acted retarded on the trampoline arguing over blankets and Pat kept trying to mosh..heh. Umm we just all talked and chilled, it was a great way to end summer. anyways I stayed up till like 2am and woke up at 7 for school..ARG! It was alright, I dont really like the people in my classes, besides Anna, Shmouni, Milousz( <3 ) & Gustavo. BUT I HAVE A KICK ASS GYM CLASS!! Yay, its Me, Megan, Anna, Shmouni, Joe, Scott & Curtis! Curtis is my new friend, hes pretty cool. School was only till 11:50 so Me, Meg, Anna, Scott, Tim & Curtis went to Mr.T's for food..that was mm mm good. We then went to Hostess for some treat.. they were also mm mm good. We saw Jordan, Joe & Mario also so we all went and hungout at the park playing on the little animals, we like humping :]. we played this game of tag where the it person closes their eyes. Jordan being a meanie put slurpee on the rails so they'de get their hands sticky. BEEEEEES. i hate bees :[. I had to go home for a dentist appointment..and now I am back. I had spaghetti for dinner, my favorite. Now my stomache is all bloated from eating. Dont you hate that? Your stomache (or mine) is pretty flat and nice looking but then I eat the slightest bit and is gets bigger :[ and kind of sticks out..lol. That means extra sit-ups tonight. YAY im exercising again. I want volleyball to start. im already boreedddd. ahh leyden starts tomorrow. I will miss my boys that are freshies. School dances wont be as fun :|. Nor will assemblies & after school just loitering outside of school. Hmm my brother is graduating this year! he's already a senior. i want him to go to college get married and have babies so i can be an aunt. yes yes i really do. I'm gonna go take a shower and take pictures of my pretty self to show off. conceited, i am, i know. heh, nah i just like to make myself look perdeeeee. but i always fail :P

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Saturday, August 28th, 2004
3:57 am
quick update! last night i was a very sad girl. borys called me and told me how andy has this new girlfriend that can over the other day. i think borys almost started crying on the phone..hehe cause i did =\ cause you see andy has done this before to me..makes me think he likes me (well he does) and think that we're gonna get back together..then suddenly meets are re-aquaints(sp?) with someone and just leaves me there. i mean what the hell does he have any sense? did he not think it would make me extremely upset? he said "i saw her at registration" and he use to "always want her" and he "couldnt miss his chance". what the hell. i always miss my chance. the thing i dont get is that i hangout with him for several days..and he asks some girl out within like 2 days. there must be something about me that just isnt good for him. basically, im good. but not good enough. it pissed me off and AHH! i wrote things down last night and stuff..and then i cried some more. texted borys again..cried. then i felt like throing up so i forced myself to sleep. this morning i felt much better though, ate eggs and sat around. i was going to go with Mike&Cassie to see some local band in Chicago but my dad was a dick..so yeah that didnt happen. instead im going to the movies to see Without A Paddle with meg and anna in like an hour =) then going back to Anna's and hanging out. i think im doing that tomorrow minus the movie. anyways im not too worried about andy. i know ill end up liking him again so matter how much i dont want to.

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Thursday, August 26th, 2004
11:55 am
things lately have been going good. umm i cant even remember. i got my haircut, its sexy. umm i watched 'hardcore' porn a couple says ago with Borys, Lauren and Andy..that was a fun day =) umm lauren started school yesterday at Beatrice..ha that sucks. Yesterday I hungout with Anna Meg and Scott. I got apicture of me hugging a tree =) Chinese gum is distgusting..my Aunt visited yesterday and we had a talk..because she thinks I dont like her. which is partially true. she wanted to know about school & boys basically. i told her school is fun because we dont learn, and that i dont have a boyfriend and im just trying to keep it cool. She said "Let them come to you, just dont be a lesbian.." Haha it was the way she said it. I am no lesbian. Umm then she wanted to know about graduation and blah blah it was boring. I had a popcycle and went to sleep. Today I think I'm going to Anna's and hanging out with Pat and Andy. or at least thats the plan..it will probably change a little but whatever. school starts monday! this sucks i dont wanna go back. but since we get out at 11:50 the first day Meg, Anna and I have a plan..well tradition thinger that we're gonna do, like we did last year, sorta. We're going to Hostess (seeing as its like right across the street) yummmy then going to Mr. T's. and umm yeah thats our plan lol. i wanna go swimming its so humid. last night i had CRAZY dreams. lets see one was that me and lauren we at this Fish restaurant place but it was like alunchline to get your food..ahh i dont remember the rest. There was another one i cant remember well but it had something to do with my arms around andy saying i loved him.. haha that was a weird dream. and the other one was that I went to Walmart and they gave me a spray-tan thing, then my mom helped me find my underwear. Ahh weird

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Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
7:33 pm - there's so much more that i wanted..
let's see. yesterday Borys, Lauren, Anna, Patrick, Andy and I hung out at Anna's. Lauren and Borys mainly stayed inside while the other four of us were on the trampoline basically the whole night talking and complaining about how cold we were. But it was still really fun because..everyones really funny. Andy's abusive. He hurt both my ankles.. :( lol. It's okay, I like it rough ;). Nah, anyways. Anna spent the night and it was a lot of fun, she kept talking polish to me without noticing hahaha. Anyways today Me, Lauren and Anna went to Borys' house and watched "Shindler's List" It was such a sad movie =( It makes me thankful for all the things I'm spoiled with. But anyways school starts in like a week =O Hopefully I'll enjoy it, but now my summer is actually turning out nice..unlike about the rest of it. I mean this summer was greattttt. But there's just so many things I regret doing and people I just .. ah regret meeting and seeing. And now it's just the way I think it should be and it's almost over. Eh who cares, let's just have fun. IM GETTING MY HAIRCUT TOMORROW! yay

current mood: horny

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Saturday, August 21st, 2004
12:39 pm - dogs eat their own shit, doin the cockroach ..yeah alright not bad. doin' the cockroach yeah..
Damn here's some old school modest mouse. Anyways the other night i slept by Anna's with Meg and Lauren it was some crazy shit haha. But yeah it was fun because it was. We watched a movie called Elephant about these kids who have a shooting in their high school and it was sad :( but it was worth it cause it was great, go rent it. Megan was practically naked the whole night and wanted to dance around poles..haa. Okay so the next day Meg had to go cause it was Brennan's bday so Lauren and I went to Borys' and hungout with him, Max, Pat & Andy. It was really fun although basically the whole night we were on the trampoline..Borys Pat and Andy were blanket fairies..lol. Andy was the Indian one. *wraps blanket around head only showing eyes*. And Pat was the Priest *wraps blanket like priests do with their..robe things* And Borys just had the thing over his head..yeah it was hilarious. We're very immature. And then we had a spooning train! Hahaha it was so warm and comfy. Pat's leg makes a great pillow. Never try having a staring contest (one where you cant laugh) with him..i tried and failed within 2 seconds every five times. Yes then we did something with a bike handle grip and how it was a dildo and .. ha it was just so fun. Lauren spent the night and left this morning. Tonite a bunch of us are hangingout at Anna's since her parents are going to a Wedding so we have the house to ourselves. Then Anna is sleeping over at my house because her parents dont want her at home alone. So yeah..its weird. But anywho we'll have the house to ourselves to blast music, swear, eat, and go on her trampoline *with a little fencing around it may i add, its a safe one..unlike BORYS'.* And yeah thats the plan. Weee im hungry. Oh and I get my nails done sometime this week. I dont know why though lol my mom just asked if I wanted them done and I was like.. sure. But I have to get $25 dollars of my own for it. I NEED A HAIRCUT WITH LAYERS IM SICK OF MY GROSS HAIR. IF I STRAIGHTEN IT, IT LOOKS SHITY SINCE I HAVE NO LAYERS. THEREFORE ITS MAINLY CURLY ALL THE TIME. AND THAT GETS BORING...woops sorry for the caps. Im gonna go do a cockroach dance

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Thursday, August 19th, 2004
10:11 am
Past couple days have been swell. Um..lets see. Couple days ago Meg, Anna Lauren & I hungout..so that was great, I heart my bitches. We basically visited one of the teacher aids, ms.jones, from lincoln and showed her our dumb videos we've made over winter and stuff.heh we're the biggest losers. and damn ..it was just a great day. Then later we all went to Borys' and hungout with him, Pat and Andy. Then Joe & Melissa also came. Once they left I declared a story time! lol..long story. But now Pat said I can't start them, only himself. But yeah it was fun. Andy had his pants off the whole time.. tskkk tsk. Yesterday Lauren & I went and..just hungout at Borys' (he gives great hand massages). Then we went to Pat's house and watched his band (minus Andy, he was Picasso and painting his room) practice. And I got to see "never seen him Dan" Yeah..they were pretty good and Pat is crazy on his drums haha. Then Dan went home and Pat came with us to Borys'. Lauren and him went to Wendy's as Pat and I went to McDonalds..then we met up and walked to the Clocktower to listen to some country band..heh. Then went to Borys' and chilled with Borys, Lauren, Pat, Andy and Max. It was a confusing day and then all last night I had a text message conversation with Borys'..I just cant wait to get my cellphone bill =\. Today I'm going back to Stratford Mall..so that'll be cool, more clothes..yay. I'm registered for school..I DONT WANNA GO BACK. Well it depends the mood I'm in, sometimes I dread it and then again I cant wait. No, no, I want to go back. Badly.. For now on all the gay situations I have with guys, I'm just going to make sure I'm having a good time and I wont let any of them get in the way of that. I dont need a boyfriend but if I find one that I think I'll be with for a while and will have fun hangingout with then I'll give it a try. No more mistakes.. AHHH

current mood: depressed

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Monday, August 16th, 2004
8:15 am - are you dead or are you sleeping? god i sure hope you are dead
I love this song ..especially the beginning because I made up this oriental/asian dance thing to it. Baahaha yeah its cool. My weekend was pretty gay. But Nick,Danny,Chris & Steven are some.. odd characters. Haaa no they're the funniest bunch of penis' I've ever spent time with. Anyway last nite I went to Anna's with Lauren. We had a run-in with the "chicken nugget" girls yet again. This time a LOT was said..haha I'm mean =\ But they wanted to actually have a brawl so we said fuck it and left. I'm not about to fight a 6th grader..haha that'd be sad. Anyway we hungout with Gustavo, Renzo & Yosef (i dont know how to spell his name) the whole half hour we were .. um insulting and arguing with the chicken nugget girls. Then we took out our anger by jumping on the trampoline listening to Blink-182 =) I havent listened to them for a while, this whole weekend I've been listening to Modest Mouse <3 Anyway then I thought hey, andy lives down the street, lets go get him. So we got Andy and we all went on the trampoline and in Annas room. He fed her fish which she was trying to starve..and she was upset haaa. Then Anna's parents came home, so we had to sneek Andy out. lol but yeah it was overral a good time. <33
Today I'm going to Annas again with Lauren and I think we're gonna ask some more people also so yeah. If anyone wants to find me just call me!! lol 847 361 8561. till next time, peace \/

current mood: cranky

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Thursday, August 12th, 2004
8:12 am - rupture the wall around my heart
well. yesterday was pretty awesome. you can read my xanga because I really dont want to type it again. today was pretty gnarly. lauren went with my mom and sisters and I to the Stratford Mall. It was way better than woodfiled and Yorktown and anyother other of those malls. lets seee. I got a new pair of Etnies, they're gray and pink. Or is it grey? I don't know how to spell it. I also got some dickies and another enties shirt from PacSun. We also went to Zumiez. I love that store, the employees kept hitting on me and Lauren and were like "Hey that shirt will look hot on you, wanna try it on?" So we didn't have my mom their to buy anything so we told them we'd be back later and they were like "Aww, when?!" So yeah..it was pretty cool but then again weird. We got soup from some food palce..yumm. Then I got more school cloths shit from other stores =) Very satisfied. Lauren came over after that and we have ravioli's and hambrugers. Yummy mix, I know. She has left now, and my mom said I could go to the Fall Out Boy/TBS concert =D Hooray who wants to come? For real.. lets all go together =)

current mood: happy

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Tuesday, August 10th, 2004
6:46 am - everytime you fed the line 'you mean so much to me' im without you
Yo! Pointless last entry, yeah I know. Lets see..yesterday Lauren came over to my house, we just hung out & went to Al & Joe's. Yumm..then everyone in my house left so we just blasted music, I mixed up some drinks..yummier. We have these Splenda popcycles..and they're so good! Haha then the ice cream man came down my street so Lauren started yelling for him while in my house, I think he got confused and just kind of lingered in the street a little..then she made me chase him for her. So around 6 or so we met Borys and Jordan my the bridge and walked to Borys', along the way we also picked up Joe. Things were weird after that.. Then Jordan tried on yet again another pair of my pants..and he left. The four of us watched this one movie about these people on drugs.. it was so crazy. Drugs are bad..mmkay? But yeah, it was kind of scary cause .. I can't explain you have to watch it. I think it was called "Reqriume of the Dreams" or something similar to that. Went home, Lauren spent the night. Today basically woke up and stuff, went to Borys' with Lauren. Then at 3:30 I went to the Orthodontist =\ I hate having braces.. arg. Then I came back to Borys'..me and Lauren walked to Wendy's. While we were in line there was this girl whos going into 6th grade (i know her because way back in 5th grade I was her 'book buddy' because the older kids that knew how to read would teach the younger ones who DIDNT) and like her cousin or something with all these 10 year old skinny blonde boys that kept giggling at us. After they bought their food and walked out, the unknown girl stuck her head through the door and was like "Try a makeover" and did this action with her hand in front of her face. I was like "wtf?!" I wanted to pound her face in. She wasn't so pretty herself. So then we and Lauren are just eating our chicken nuggets like normal people and the 6th grade girl (her name was Angelica) and she runs to our table, pushes down on it and says obnoxiously loud "I LIKE CHICKEN NUGGETS TOO!!!" Then that made Lauren and I pissed. I mean who gives a shit about the first little rude thing they did. But then the bitch gets the nerve to almost knock down the table my food was on. So Lauren and I walk outside after angrily finishing our meals and we see them sitting on the curb my Wendy's whispering again, so we gave them dirty looks and I called them fuckers. Ugh. Trailer trash bitches from Schiller Park. Now I feel like finding them and beating both the girls up. And the funny thing is, I could. I'm stronger than I make myself look around people. I act weak, but I'm really not. So we went back to Borys' and watched TV then Lauren had to go, and I wasn't about to sit alone in Borys' basement (he had to cook dinner upstairs) so I came home also. Andy was maybe suppose to come, but now I think he may be avoiding me seeing as Lauren IMed him on my screen name and told him "I hope I see you so i can kiss you". Hah, so I'll have to clear some things up. Andy's also got a mowhawk.. it looked really hot in the picture he sent me. I want to touch it in person. Then give him a pelvic thrust. Sounds good..now I'm home licking my Unicorn Lollipop that I've had open for like 3 days.. it takes so long to eat =( Anyways, remember kids, don't get me pissed..mmkay?

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Monday, August 9th, 2004
10:07 am
Let's see, last night I had some crazy dreams..
And awoke to my dad waking me up and harrassing me about bring recyclebins to the front. ugh i was so tired..at like 7. And there were these huge beetle things when I lifted them off the ground, I almost cried =( I hate bugs.. Went back to sleep only to be woken up again by my dad scraping paint off my window from outside.

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